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  • Friends are special. We mean all kinds. But there is this one innocent type who your parents and other friends hate. They don’t do or say anything intentionally but most of the times, end up embarrassing you, or people around you ( royally). They have the potential to say the weirdest of things, ...
  • You have a best buddy, always available on phone, bar buddy, trip partner, food sharer, counsellor for every situation, and saviour from every ugly situation. You both have several similarities be it likes, dislikes, food, hang-out places, college, jobs, and interests and so on and so forth. ...
  • No matter how huge your friend circle is, but there is only one best friend. There is only one who you call your bum chum, soul sister, soul mutt or partner in crime. You have known each other for years, grew up together, have been together through thick and thin, did everything together, have ...