No matter how huge your friend circle is, but there is only one best friend. There is only one who you call your bum chum, soul sister, soul mutt or partner in crime. You have known each other for years, grew up together, have been together through thick and thin, did everything together, have common frenemies/enemies, fought for (and with) each other, got drunk together, partied like maniacs, got each other’s back, and together, you guys are invincible!

You both share a bond and have the kind of friendship that everyone is envious about.

Everything is hunky dory until one fine day, your crazy half decides to get MARRIED! And boom, your world comes crashing down! As much as you are happy for that best friend, you experience a mixed bag of emotions and weird stuff that only you can understand!

If your best friend is about to get married, you will know what we are talking about!

When your best friend breaks the news to you! 

And When Your Best Friend Says It’s Happening Really Soon. 


Sorry, Come Again? 

Your Typical Overreaction!

And Then When You Are Cornered By Your Family And In Chorus They Ask, See Now Even Your Bff Is Getting Married, When Are You Planning To Marry Huh?

And You!

Your Other Friends Keep Telling You This! 

You, When Your Best Friend Says She/He Is Busy! 

You Generally Get Emotional Meeting Them! Umm Gonna Miss You

And Always Say This. 

Your Face When You Just Don’t Know How To React To Your Best Friend’s Wedding Shopping Talks. 

When Your Are Bombarded With The Wedding Knick Knacks And Nothing Makes Sense. 

And Suddenly!

Then You Replay Those Amazing Times You Had With Him/Her In Your Mind. 

Those Days! 

Everything Said And Done, THIS Is What You Have To Deal With! 

But Then You Realize It’s Your Best Friend’s Marriage! The Biggest Day! And So The Real You! 

You Know You Are Going To Stay Like This! 


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