Friends are special. We mean all kinds. But there is this one innocent type who your parents and other friends hate. They don’t do or say anything intentionally but most of the times, end up embarrassing you, or people around you ( royally). They have the potential to say the weirdest of things, do the most obnoxious stuff in full public view, and mostly behave like a child trapped in an adult’s body!

As much as you love hanging out with them, you are also particularly scared for people around or you will be meeting. Before you take ‘em anywhere, you got this list of do’s and don’ts for them. Of course they rarely follow it!

You love them, you care for them, but you just cannot control them. If you have a friend like the one we are talking about, you will love this!

When they are hilariously excited. 

Their way of being nice with your other friends.

When there is a serious discussion going on and they have the most (ir)relevant point to make.  

You can’t explain their melodramatic ways. 

When they are brutally honest. 

This is the only dancing they know. 

Mean drunk antics. 

Just to annoy you, they do this. 

But we still love ’em!