V Day is almost here and people are reacting differently. Some are excited, some are annoyed (because of the love overdose everywhere), some are finding ways to ruin others Valentine’s Day plans, singles are feeling blessed about their singlehood, married folks are like whatever; but the men, poor souls don’t know what the hell is happening. They have no freakin’ clue about Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Hug Day, Promise Day etc. More than the excitement, the feeling of Valentine’s week is crazy, confusing and unrealistic. They have to buy gifts, do cute things, get reservations done for a candlelight dinner, and god knows what not!

Confused about what we are trying to say here? Watch this video and you will know what we mean. All the best!

DISCLAIMER: The video contains foul language, please watch it on your own discretion. 

Video Courtesy: BB Ki Vines 

Mega facepalm!