There are two kinds of people we all meet – obedient and the too damn obedient. The obedient ones do things the way you tell them to and the too damn obedient ones, well, take it literally. Here is a charming young man who crazily defines the people in the too damn obedient category. The man in question is James Fridman; the alleged Photoshop mogul who is enjoying some internet stardom, courtesy his immaculate Photoshop skills. He has a Twitter account, an FB page and an Insta page that has crazy number of followers who contact him for all sorts of Photoshop needs. The Photoshop requests are creative as James and he nails them every freakin’ time!

From getting a tattoo, making the booty look bigger, placing the perfect pout or giving you that perfect beach body, basically, James Fridman is the go-to guy for every sort of Photoshop requests.

You will have to see it to believe it!

Here are 15 of the funniest Photoshop trolls by Mr. Fridman.

And finally, he does one right!

He totally needs to be inducted in the internet Hall of Fame, right?

Cover image all images courtesy: Facebook