Popular micro-blogging site Twitter has completed 10 years today. Four gentlemen Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone launched this website that reinstated the power of words with just 140 character limits per tweet. Today, after 10 years this platform is not only used by global citizens but also by world leaders, head of states, government agencies, public figures, celebrities, and even by Pope Francis to convey his holy thoughts. In short, Twitter has further shrunk the world and has made anyone and everyone reachable with a simple tweet, correct tag, and a couple of hashtags.

Twitter is such an effective social media and micro-blogging platform that it has not only acted as a catalyst for life-changing events for many, but also it has been used by evil forces like Islamic State to spread fear and terrorism.

Nevertheless, Twitter is definitely a useful tool that provides people a chance to voice their opinion and be heard. We all are thankful for that and wish Twitter a very #happybirthday. On its 10th birthday here are 10 interesting and fascinating facts about Twitter that will blow your mind.

#1. Every minute an average 347,000 Tweets are made.

#2. To reach the first one billion tweets, it took 3 years, 2 months, and 1 day.

#3. You can check any uses first tweet on this link First-Tweets.com

#4. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a manual/dictionary for Twitter slangs.

#5. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reads as many as 5 million tweets on a daily basis.

#6. Sweden has an official Twitter account which is run by different random citizen every week.

#7. YouTube happens to be the most followed brand in the world of Twitter.

#8. Mark Zuckerberg tried to acquire Twitter twice but could not.

#9. While typing Twitter on your browser, if you miss one T of the double T or add an extra T along with double as typo error the browser will still open the official Twitter website.

#10. Even wondered why 140 characters? Here is the answer; to make tweets compatible with SMS messaging the character limit of 140 was kept. It was first designed as SMS phone service and with 140 characters limit the message do not split into two.

Once again #happybirthdayTwitter.