They say love your job and not your boss. But frankly speaking, I guess we love the money the most! Well just kidding. Or let’s just say you love your boss as well as your job to death but can you compare the feeling when you hear that beautiful tinkle on your phone, telling you – “hey buddy, your salary is here!”

What a feeling that is! Priceless! Especially when you are on the verge of being in a typical beg, borrow or steal condition. But realistically, the feeling of being loaded doesn’t last long. We go clubbing, we splurge on clothes, we go fancy dining etc etc. And then, half way into the month we realise, “Holy crap, we blew the whole thing away!”

We change jobs, we change bosses, we change the take home money too, but this part of our life is like on a repeat mode month after month! So yeah, let’s just deal with it!

Your face when you are expecting the magical message any moment!

 When your phone rings! 

OMG! I am rich I am rich I am rich!

It’s raining money on me! 

Week 1:

It’s gonna be so much fun! 

Your friends when you tell them the party is on you! 

Party all night!  

Every day is a feast (till money lasts)! 

Yay yay shopping time! 

You come out like this! 

Week 2:

Your face when you are low on dough and forced to go out! 

Then you go to your friends like this!

From fancy restaurants, you come down to this! 

Week 3:

Am done! 

Someone please tell me about my monies! 

Someone says a week more! 

You, till the salary day. 

After all the wait, when it’s just a day more! 

When it’s there finally! 

And you become the king again! 

Don’t worry, someday we will be rich again!