Whether you love your job, colleague, boss, the fat pay or the place where your office is situated, after Tuesday, it is WTF and you just can’t wait for the weekend to arrive. You can’t wait to see your besties, go a tad bit crazy with ‘em, head to your favourite watering hole, catch on a concert, indulge in a maddening house party, drink your favourite wine, read a book, tune into your playlist or simply roll roll roll in the bed, all day all night and no one can dare question you or your hangover! That is the epicness of a weekend.

Check out these 21 gifs that beautifully describe the weekend madness.

That moment your friend says it’s Friday! 

You make a plan and go like! 

And then go and do this do every colleague! 

And this!

Or maybe keep it private and do this at your work station! 

And then you feel like doing this to everyone on the road! 

And then when you get off work, you be like! 

And like this!

And say this to your colleagues. 

Your face when you are going on a long drive! 

Or let’s say going to Ibiza. 

On seeing your BFFs, the feeling is mutual 

Your reaction when you get up Saturday morning and realise you can go extra napping! 

And then Saturday evening you are again like. 

And then this! 

And before heading home, one last time! 

And after all the weekend madness, when you get home, thinking this! 

Weekend you beauty, I am gonna miss you! 

Miss me! 

And then next Friday 😛