No matter how much our sanskaar’s deny it, and no matter how many scenes and words are censored in our Bollywood movies by Pahlaj Nihalani and the CBFC, it does not change the fact that sex is indeed one of the most vital, and natural functions of our body.

It is a natural need that needs to get fulfilled, and for various healthy reasons too. We might ignore its existence, and give all the weird-ass theories to kids, but we cannot change the way our body responds to the ultimate need of it.

Deprive your body of sex, and it starts responding in ways unknown, and yes, before you ask it, it’s a scientifically proven fact.

Let us bring to you the things that can happen to your body if you stop having sex.

1. All you men out there, it can lead to ‘erectile dysfunctionality’. Sexual activity is required by men for the positive impact it has on their libido


2. For women, the longer the abstinence from sex, more prone you are to pregnancy when you have sex next, as the immune system becomes more vulnerable


3. Sex is a known stress buster and lack of sexual activity leads to higher level of stress and anxiety


4. The longer is the period between your sexual intercourse, the longer will be the time taken for you to get all wet, and aroused the next time you get in the act


5. According to scientists, a sexually active person has a boosted neuron growth in brain’s hippocampus, leading to higher intelligence levels

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6. No, for all the women who have experience tightness due to lack of sexual activity, your vagina isn’t getting smaller, and neither has your hymen grown back. Your organ is just out of practice


7. Lack of sex also means lack of sound sleep. You will find yourself sleeping light and mindlessly awake, for no reason


8. Getting frequent bouts of cold? Yep, the reason is again sexual inactivity which softens your immune system, making it prone to virus attacks


9. High blood pressure? Yep, lack of sex plays a part here again as it keeps a check on your BP, balancing it

Well, you know what to do now, don’t ya?


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h/t: HealthyLifeTricks

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