While ‘sex’ has always been a taboo topic in India, especially for girl, this video comes as a breath of fresh air. Watch this hilarious video here where the girls of Mumbai candidly talk about their first time experience with sex. While there are umpteen numbers of videos with men talking about their sexual experiences, this is fairly new.

The video has been made by So Effin Cray. Women in this video talk openly about the times they did (also, did not) have sex. The answers are funny yet relatable. It is a must watch video for people of all genders, as the answers will both amuse and surprise you.

The question that the host asked was – “How did it feel the first time you had sex?” “Did it hurt?” “Do girls get emotional after losing their virginity, etc.?”

A lot of girls seemed very pleased with their experience. They said, “it felt like it I was on cloud nine. I didn’t want it to stop!” Many other girls revealed that once they lost their virginity, they saw an upheaval of mixed emotion. While they were also happy and satisfied, they also felt like it was a big accomplishment that they had unlocked.


On being asked that whether they prefer making out over sex, most girls seemed to agree that make outs were more enjoyable for them. Although there were many girls who said that they like both make outs and sex equally.

Some girls even took a dig at guys who are sloppy in bed and said that they just wanted them to stop!

So watch this video here which is sure to make you laugh out loud!


Featured Image: YouTube