When we think of marriage, we often hope for a relationship made in heaven.

But we have a story that will astonish you and make you think about the wedding vows.

This is a story of a marriage that isn’t made in heaven, but a marriage gone bad, and will leave you in horror and shock.

A French man is accused of forcing his wife to sleep with more than 2,700.

Why would a husband do this? It’s simply shocking to know that your own husband can be a potential predator and sell you for money! The French man whose name has been hidden for “legal” reasons is said to have started his business in the year 2011 and since then, he made around 160,000 Euros.

The Le Parisian newspaper had reported that the man had his 46-year old wife listed in some of the websites and had customers started calling and messaging through text messages and emails.

This French man used to wait in the car with their 5-year-old son while his wife entertained the men in their house.

The Deputy Prosecutor, Emmanuel Dupic informed the court that the husband had used psychological techniques on his wife so she couldn’t refuse his demands of having sex with the customers, who were sometimes very harsh and abusive. This has been going on for more than four years.

The woman hasn’t been charged with any offense yet and is facing debt issue though her husband is going through the trials.


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h/t: Independent

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