12-week-old, Samuel Roberts of Prescot, Liverpool, suffers from a rare genetic condition because of which something as simple as a kiss from his mother can cause his death. This brave kid is born with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) which means his body is not capable of fighting infections. Currently, the baby is making recovery after going through bone marrow transplant.

The parents of Samuel, Pamela and Ian, were aware of this condition even before the little one was born. This condition is hereditary in Pamela’s family and it affects the boys of the family. Her brother also suffered from the same. Most of the babies born with this condition could not survive more than 12 months without proper treatment.

Speaking to Liverpool Echo, Pamela said,

We went through a lot of tests during the early stages of my pregnancy with Samuel.

Further adding,

By 12 weeks we knew Samuel had the condition but it was a shock.

These tests help the specialist doctors to get samples of the unborn baby’s DNA and then find suitable bone marrow donor even before Samuel was born. After, his birth on 7th August this year, his parents took him home for six weeks as his immunity system was protected from any sort of infection since his time inside his mother’s womb.

However, after six weeks to protect Samuel from any sort of infection he had to be admitted in a children specialty hospital. He was kept inside a bubble that ensured that Samuel breaths sterilised and filtered air.

About this Pamela stated,

It is hard, seeing your tiny baby in hospital, but you deal with it. You’ve got to be strong for your baby.

Then brave baby Samuel had to go through chemotherapy and few operations before getting bone marrow transplant that ensures development of healthy immunity system. Baby Samuel, now is back home and his condition is improving.

During this troublesome period, it was The Bubble Foundation that supported the family and extended all necessary help. Now, Samuel’s parents are calling out to people to support this foundation.

To know more and donate please visit: www.justgiving.com/bubblefoundation

Cover Image And Story Inputs: Liverpool Echo