With over 161k likes on his Facebook page, baby Eli Thompson is the newest, cutest, and the most inspiring internet star.

Born on March 4, 2015, Brandi and Troy’s cute little Thompson junior was perfectly healthy except for the fact that he was born without a nose.

Baby Eli Thompson is diagnosed with Congenital Arhinia, one of the rarest conditions in the world (1 in a billion case according to doctors); but this little rockstar is fighting it out with all his might. Currently, baby Eli needs a surgery. Families from across the globe have reached out to the Alabama parents and are helping to raise funds for the surgery.

We hear people complaining constantly about how much their baby cries, but that’s a luxury we are only blessed with once a week during trach (sic) change. We would love to hear our Eli cry all the time, but since we only do for a split second, we cherish it. He sure does have a cute cry, though :).

Watch his video here:

Video courtesy: Inside Edition

Baby Eli, you are a true inspiration to millions out there. Way to go strong little man!

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