If you are a believer of love than this story of a lovely couple might bring a huge smile on your face and if you are not a believer of love than prepare to get your heart melted a bit.

This romantic real-life Nicholas Spark type love story has wartime lovers who called off their engagement 70 years ago but soon they will be walking down the aisle. WW2 veteran Roy Vickerman, 90, proposed to his former fiancée Nora Jackson, 89, after they split 70 years ago due to his post traumatic stress from his participation in the war.

Though the couple called it quits, but Roy, hailing from Hartshill, Staffordshire in the UK, could not forget Nora and decades after their break-up, he decided to look for her and apologize for breaking her heart. Then, with the help of a local radio DJ, Roy found the address of Nora and he went to her home with a flower bouquet to say sorry for breaking up the engagement of 2 years after 70 years. When still unmarried Nora saw Roy she embraced him with open arms.

Roy And Nora

Next, Roy proposed to Nora with the same ring that he put on her finger in the year 1944 on the day he turned 90. About his feeling, Roy told BBC that,

I still love her just the same as I did before.

And for Nora,

Everything has been so happy for me to see him and be with him.


The couple first met in the year 1940 when they both were 14 and after falling in love got engaged at the age of 18. But, a week after their engagement Roy left for Normandy to fight in the infamous D-Day Landings. After, 2 years when he came back, he brought back the traumatic stress of the war and called off the engagement. Only, to meet his true love Nora after 70 years.

Truly, an inspiring real-life love story.