Internet is a fairly humongous playground where there’s a lot of free advice on relationships for both the genders. Actually it’s more for men, if we come to think of it. The number of articles on what a woman expects on the first date, how to know if she is into you, how to know if she’s the one etc can range from interesting ones to gloriously naive ones!

While it is true that there are men who probably won’t go beyond the good looks part, for them, maybe it’s all that starts and ends with. Good hair, good body, good lips etc are cool for casual dating and making you feel attracted to a woman. But if we were to talk about what a guy really wants in a woman or what qualities makes a woman incredibly impressive, other than the good looks part, the answers may vary like chalk and cheese, thanks to the fiercely changing dating world.

But for starters, here are 5 qualities every man openly likes and secretly wants in his woman.

#1: Passion

A person without passion is like Amy Winehouse without that glorious husk in her voice. Ha just kidding! Who wouldn’t want to date a person who’s filled with zeal to do more, aspire to become better and inspire others around? The kick one gets to do something they really wish to achieve or strongly talk about something they believe in can give anyone so much feels. You could be down for a minute but a little pep talk with a passionate person can instantly put things back on track for you, don’t you agree?

#2: Decisiveness

An unsettling fear that most individuals have today is the ability to take wise decisions and taking onus of the situation or responsibilities. Half the battle is won if we have a partner who is sorted in their mind and knows what exactly she wants and how she wants it – be it something as small as choosing the menu or changing careers. Who doesn’t want a partner who is strong-willed and exactly knows what the best is for her or is simply confident in her own skin or the decisions she is taking?

#3: Optimism

Today, I guess most of us suffer from lack of positivity, good vibes and optimism which eventually lead us to think about things like anxiety and depression. At every moment, every individual is waging their own war or battling out their own fears, life is rude that way, but the ability to accept it sans whining about it to others, and then move along with a positive approach is an incredible trait. And a man will want his partner to have this particular one.

#4: A Sense Of Humour

As overrated and cliché as this may sound, but we can’t stress this enough because being with someone with a good sense of humour is a blessing. It’s very easy to offend or get offended by someone or be stressed by the umpteen lemons life keeps throwing at you, but to laugh it off or take it in the right spirit is important. Having a partner who understands and has this is a doubly awesome!

#5: Compassion

This may sound like another of those superficial platitudes, but considering how hard it is to spot a kind heart these days, we can pass quite gracefully. Today, most individuals are busy sorting their own mess and lives and honestly no one has the time or willingness to help someone out unless they know them or they might be benefitted in return. A person with values, love and a heart filled with empathy or the will to be there even for a stranger or another human is admirable as well as enviable.