Kissing is romantic, passionate, loving, and one of the best parts of any romantic relationship. Indeed, kissing is a great way to communicate what can be spoken in words or proven through action. Kiss seems like a very simple act that involves two people and their lips, but it is not as simple as it sounds or the way people think about it. This act of passion defines love, longing, honesty, commitment, and desire for one another.

In fact even if we keep aside romantic love, kiss has always been a part of everyone’s life. A friendly or loving kiss on the cheek, a caring kiss on the forehead, a cheerful flying kiss; who does not like to show their feeling through kisses! But, these kisses lack the intensity of the kisses that lovers share.

If you happen to be in love or someone who finds it difficult to express feelings through words then here are 15 types of must try kisses to get closer.

#1. French Kiss:

A French kiss is considered to be the king of kisses. The game of tongue, the intimacy, and the feel that rushes in; French kiss is as hard to describe as it is to master.

#2. Hand Kiss:

Not all kisses needs to be planted on face or any other sensuous areas of the body to convey strong emotions. A gentle kiss of the hand also has the capability to say a million words without uttering a single word.

#3. Single-Lip Kiss:

Sometimes a kiss may not always lead to what one would love to experience or sometimes it is important to go easy. Here, a single-lip kiss is something that speaks subtle yet strong emotions.

#4. Earlobe Kiss:

Sharing an intimate bond is something which is not possible with everyone and an earlobe kiss is to explain the level of closeness one shares. Try a bit of tongue action and experience intense passion.

#5. Upside – Down Kiss:

For many people the best scene of the 2002 Spider-Man movie is the upside-down kiss between Spiderman and MJ. For a little adventurous couple who loves to try something not-so-mainstream, this is a kiss to be tried right now.

Must try kisses

#6. Lip Gloss Kiss:

This is a pure fun kiss. Put lip gloss on your lip and rub it on your partner’s lips through a long, passion-filled kiss. Sounds exciting and worth trying this flavourful kiss.

#7. Butterfly Kiss:

A butterfly kiss is the one in which the eyelashes touch and brush to each other. Now, imagine the physical closeness that this kiss requires. Well, who will not like to get that closer to their partner!

#8. Secret Message Kiss:

It is a French kiss with a secret message being exchange while in the act. It is simple; while kissing just spell a word to add a bit of excitement and a lot more involvement in this act.

#9. Lingering Lip Kiss:

Apart from the lips, nothing else is involved in this kiss, no teeth, no tongue. Such a kiss is considered to a sign of deep love, surely, worth a try for every couple madly in love.

#10. Biting Kiss:

This open-mouthed kiss has some raw action, like soft biting of lips and tongue. Though, it might take some time to master this kiss but the excitement involved in this kiss makes it worth it.

#11. Angel Kiss:

An angel kiss is planted somewhere near the eyes as a sign of affection, kindness, or care. This kiss should be a part of everyday routine for couples.

#12. Nose Kiss:

A nose kiss is a cute way of expressing love, affection, or deep feelings for someone. Also, this kiss gets you instant attention of your partner without being forceful.

#13. Neck Kiss:

This is a kiss that shows deep desire for the special one. You can be innovative while at it and add a lot more than just excitement to the kiss.

#14. Teaser Kiss:

Well, this is a kiss that can turn on your partner for some real action (wink wink). Go slow and easy, start with the forehead, then face, then hand and arms, and then your wish. 😉

#15. Vampire Kiss:

A bit of biting and sucking is involved in vampire kiss so if you want to try this, I suggest go easy. Right amount of passion can make this kiss a memorable one.

Every relationship has ups and downs, and a kiss can work like magic to hold you together.