Pink, stilettos, wine! But, she can also be boots, bike, and whisky, or may be whisky in a wine glass, pink boots, riding a red scooter while cursing everyone on her way!

Well, girls are mysterious and yet, men like to think that they know girls and there ways of life. “Girls like to dress up!”, “Girls love to gossip!”, “Girls love to talk on phone!”, “Girls are always on diet!” are some of the popular perceptions that guys have about girls. Here is the truth, guys, what you think and believe girls like or girls do is MOSTLY wrong. Even the most agreed upon perception about girls can be over-exaggeration on some imagination.

To clear out some of your misconceptions here are 13 things that guys think girls typically do, BUT no, you are grossly wrong (mostly).

#1. Wear Fancy/ Colourful Or Clean Nightwear:

Yes, yes, yes!!! TV, movies, supermarkets, garment brands all make one think that girls have fancy options of nightwear. But, most of the girls do not wear those fancy stuff. While at home, alone on their own or even when with their family, mostly girls are like drunken sailors. The most comfortable pair of oversized T-shirt (the ownership of which is controversial) with multiple stains, a pair of old shorts or pyjama with holes, and an over-sized pair of slippers is what suits them the most.

#2. Hate Being Alone:

Girls just can not be alone; they need someone always by their side. Not, always true. There are times when all a girl want is a lone time with herself, doing nothing and just enjoy the moment with herself. Every one needs time to breathe every once in a while and yes, a girl also needs the same. And, that does not at all mean she is sad, upset, depressed, or crying.

#3. Shopaholic:

Girls are as shopaholic as the guys. The only difference is that the market has endless options for women making it difficult to pick anything without investing time. Also, girls want to be really sure whether they want a particular thing or not before putting money into it.

#4. Girls Need Support For Everything:

Not true, if girls put their heart into something they really don’t care about any sort of support system. And, if they need a support system for something that means their heart is not into it as simple as that. Be it making a career choice, choosing a life partner, or just picking up a dress; girls are fine without any support.

#5. Girls Are Diet Conscious:

This is also quick wrong. Who on earth do not like food? Nobody would give up on delicious food to have a thin waistline. Girls would rather work out than give up on good food. So, just stop thinking that girls are diet conscious and do not be shocked if she eats more than you do.

#6. Girls Always Talk About Boys:

Be it a slumber party or be it a get together, boys are not always the only topic of conversation among girls, be it married or single. What they show on TV shows and movies are not always true. In fact, when they are with their girl buddies, girls would rather talk about anything else but the things that make them feel attached.

#7. Taking Hours To Put Make-Up:

Hell NO, girls are pretty pro in putting up make-up in minutes, anywhere, and under any condition. On a moving vehicle, on a public transport, with or without a mirror; a girl can put make-up in no time and get ready in minutes. A girl who regularly puts make-up she knows what to do and so it does not take time; and a girl who does not regularly put make up, she will do what makes her feel comfortable. Both these situation do not need hell lot of time.

#8. Clichés About Video Games, Comics And Other So-Called Geeky Stuff:

Okay, so popular TV shows, movies, and just because your sister might not like the stuff you like or the geeky stuff does not really mean other girls also think the same. Girls also like/love video games, comic books, superhero stuffs and other so-called geeky things.

#9. Free Time Selfie Time:

Not all girls are into selfies. Many of us go to the washroom to do our business and not to click selfies. When alone or free girls do not click as many selfies as it is claimed by the social media trolls. Oh come on, girls have better things to do than that.

#10. Dress To Impress Others:

Girls dress to look and feel good, not for others but for their own self. Comfort, colours, cuts, design, trends are not for others, it is for the self. Stop believing that girls dress up for guys.

#11. Conscious About Body Image:

Everyone has some or the other body image issue, be it men or women so blaming women to suffer from it all the time is plain wrong. It is the standard of beauty set by the society and market that make it look like the girls are constantly suffering from body issues.

#12. They Don’t Know Technology:

Girls know, curious, understand, and can operate technology, case in point Iron Man’s assistant Pepper Potts, and Maria Hill of Avengers. Girls know how to troubleshoot and sort any technological problem. If they are asking for your help, it is just to satisfy your ego.

#13. They Prefer Rom-Com Over Everything:

Movies are individual choices and there are huge genres to explore. Thriller, action, horror, documentary, drama, mythology and what not; then why would all girls would just love to watch rom-coms? Once in a while they are fine but no, not all girls are suckers for rom coms.

Honestly, if you believe on any of these things as thumb rules for knowing women, then darling you have been wrong all this while. Every woman is different with their own likes and dislikes, and men should try to understand them as individuals and not a specimen of a clan.