Colours add life to objects and changes the way we look or perceive about things. Colours hold the power to make us feel good or make us feel terrible, and a city with colours is always a great attraction for tourists and vacationers. Mostly, colourful cities have a great vibe about them; has an incredible view, and some interesting tale about how and why they got the colours.

In fact, the beauty and vibe of these picturesque cities, towns, and localities can be seen from these pictures itself.

#1. St. Johns, Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada:

Color of winter in the city of St. John's #2

#2. Wroclaw, Poland:

Wroclaw, Poland

#3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Brazilian Facade (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Gustavo Thomas © 2015)

#4. Bo Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa:

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

#5. Caminito,Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Villa 31, Buenos Aires Argentina

#6. Valparaiso, Chile:

Valparaíso, Chile.

#7. Burano Island, Italy:

a colorful world.......

#8. Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark:

copenhagen nyhavn

#9. Cinque Terre, Italy:

Vernazza - Cinque Terre

#10. Jodhpur, India:


#11. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:

Puerto Vallarta Mexico

#12. Balat, Istanbul:


#13. Willemstad, Curacao, Caribbean:

Willemstad, Curacao

#14. Guanajuato, Mexico:

Guanajuato, México

#15. Provence Village of Menton, France:


Image Courtesy: Flickr
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