Everything is packed! The luggage is in the car. Everyone is waiting for you to turn on the alarm and lock the front door. But you just want to do one final check to make sure that everything is switched off, all plugs are unplugged, all taps/faucets are fully turned off. Maybe it would be better to turn off the water at the mains. You know what damage a leaking pipe or radiator can do, especially upstairs. All those things that run through people’s heads are understandable.

Now it’s time for you, yes you! I’m talking to you, to close the door and say out loud, “That’s it, I’m off on a holiday that I’ve been waiting the whole year for !! I’m going to make this the best holiday I ‘ve ever had! I deserve it. I’m going to chill out in Ireland for a week or two or more. ” That’s the way to go! I’m proud of you! You see, there would be no point in coming to the Emerald Isle if you did not think like that. It would be a complete waste of time, effort, and money. If you have not been to Ireland before, let me give you an idea as to what to expect …

You will visit some of the most spectacularly scenic places in the world. The southwest coast of Ireland is packed with places of interest. It’s mountains, lakes, valleys, and dells, are breathtaking. The hundreds of miles of sandy blue-flag beaches, some of them you will find the void of another living person, are spectacular, ideal for volleyball, tennis even, land-sailing, sailing, surfing, and paragliding. Hill-walking and mountain climbing are very popular here. Make sure to take every safety precaution and that you follow the rules and regulations.

Golf is one of the many reasons people holiday in Cork and Kerry. Our parkland and links courses are second to none. Some of the legends of the game have commented on them. Tom Watson said that “We (meaning the Americans) have never played links golf until we played in Ireland.” The great ‘Tiger’ stated that he always practiced on links courses in Ireland before playing the British Open. Courses like Ballybunion, Waterville, The Old Head of Kinsale and Fota Island are mouth-watering for every golfer.

Fishing is another tourist attraction to our shores. Our rivers, such as the Shannon, Blackwater, Feale, Laune, Bandon, and Lee are all great salmon and trout rivers, along with other types of fish. The Lakes of Killarney, the Caragh Lake, Waterville, Inniscarra, and Ballyhass are all well-stocked lakes.

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