What is the definition of leisure? Is it traveling around the world? Enjoying the sights, smells, sounds, and feelings of being in a new place. Climbing tall mountains, exploring the pyramids in Egypt, going on safari in Africa, or visiting an Irish pub? Maybe leisure is traveling back to where you grew up. Seeing the many faces and places where you became what you are today. Seeing your old high school. Visiting places you have not seen in 20, 30, or more years.


Is the definition of leisure fishing? Is it the feel of the sun on your face and you lay in the grass on a hot summer day? Maybe near a body of water, a lake, a stream, or river as the mist off the water sprays your face as the fish swim along the bottom watching your worm dangling from the hook. Are the fish biting? Does it matter?


Is the definition of leisure jogging? Could it be the perfect sunrise as you jog along the park trail? The birds are singing their morning songs. The squirrels peek out of the trees as the watch you but for a moment before scurrying over to the trash can looking for breakfast. Maybe working out in a room full of strangers where you all have one goal in mind. To reshape your body into something you will want to show off to your friends, family, or anyone else you are trying to impress.

Spending time with Friend?

So what is the definition of leisure? Kicking back with the boys as you enjoy a few brews watching the game on TV. Cheering when they score and cursing when they don’t. Getting rowdy and all worked up as you laugh and joke around as you all get drunk.

On the flip side is the definition of leisure going shopping? Is it when you get together with your girlfriends and go to the mall? You try on new clothes, check out the latest fashion trends, eat mall food, and (of course) check out boys.

Spending time with your children?

Perhaps the definition of leisure is have time to be with your kids? Sitting at the table at night helping your children with their homework. Sitting around the dinner table talking with your kids about the latest things going on in their life. Who likes who, who got in trouble, and who is getting the newest music CD from the hot band right now.

If you still have little kids it could be laying on the floor help him build that mega city out of building blocks. Maybe just sitting down with her on your lap reading a fairy tale. At Holidays watching the expressions on their little faces as they open their presents.

The true definition of leisure?

So which of these definitions is the true definition of leisure? Some of them? All of them! None of them! The true definition of leisure is spending time doing what you want to do by escaping your hectic life if for only a little while.

Featured Image: Wanderlust Chloe
Source by Robert Grazian