Thailand is a jackpot packed with magnificent Buddhist temples with exceptional architecture. Today we will tell you about an amazing Buddhist temple in northeast Thailand that has been entirely made up of beer bottles, donated to them by the local community.

This is clearly a very creative yet eco-friendly way to build architecture.

The resident Buddhist monks at the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaewhad asked the local community to deposit their used bottles to them, so that they could create this wondrous construction. Apart from this temple, the monks here have also built shelters from such used bottles and empty waste materials.

This temple is also called the Temple of A Million Bottles, for obvious reasons.

Each room, every pavement, ceilings, etc. have been built with the discarded bottles. Even the crematorium and the toilets have been made from bottles too. All in all, there are about 1.5 million recycled bottles that have been used in the temple. The best part about this whole episode is that the monks are ready to build more such buildings in the same manner.

Abbot San Kataboonyo, a residing monk says that we need more bottles so that we can make more buildings.

And it is not only the structure of the temple that has been built with beer bottles. The caps of the bottles have been used to create mosaic arts inside of this unique temple. Even the mosaics of Buddha have been beautifully built with beer bottle caps.

This is not only super creative, but also helps the environment and is easy to clean and maintain. The bottles don’t fade so they give out a soothing, green light.

And greener…

This is what we call a work of creative genius.


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h/t: Treehugger

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