Gender discrimination when introduced to public forums for discussion, always translated to mean female discrimination by men. Rarely will gender discrimination include men as recipients, not perpetrators. It is no different in bodybuilding, objectivity is eroded whenever discrimination based on gender is mention, and men always are the enemy. It is on that basis that the issues of gender discrimination must be viewed in our contemporary society.

Modern activists, especially those biased towards female discrimination in professions, have in the recent past been heaping claims against bodybuilding, as a gender discriminating industry. They argue that female bodybuilders are frequently treated in a way that in itself, is a mild form of sexism. The basis of the claim is that male bodybuilders are judged by objective masculine standards like muscularity and physique symmetry. On the other hand, female bodybuilders are judged using a nebulous criterion that is more descriptive then quantifying, that is by their “femininity”.

According to the critics, standards adopted for judging bodybuilding contests are regularly modified or modified as set by and for men, and then watered down to represent women. Further, female bodybuilders face a larger set back outside the gym in form of social discrimination. According to recent findings published by gender activists in the US, female bodybuilders are usually mocked and generally viewed negatively by the societies in which they live. This negative treatment is based on their not conforming to and challenging traditional norms and practices that define and ascribes ideal feminine beauty and the normal gender roles. According to the report, such norms and conventions are set and implemented by men.

The other claim dominating modern criticism of discrimination in bodybuilding is surprisingly the money. The money granted, generated and expired to sponsor bodybuilding carers, has become very strained. The world economy does not favor bodybuilding right now. A recent forum for female bodybuilders in the US ended on a high note after holding a press conference to state their stand. In the press conference, their spokesperson said that there is limited sponsorship for women bodybuilders.

Yet for those few who benefit, little is given in reward. Female bodybuilders are being given prize money sums that are only a quarter or even less of the sums given to the male bodybuilders. To show the truth of their claim, the spokesperson quoted the 2005 Olympia where men competed for the prize of $ 550,000 in total, while women had to compete for only a total of $ 71,000.

Having followed the above discussion, it is possible to reach a personal conviction. These claims have been made by presumptuously biased women activist on behalf of female bodybuilders. It is, of course, natural to dismiss the claims as propaganda. That is what has happened in the last decade and a half. But if one looks through and into these claims, there is a point that the women are making. Female bodybuilders work very hard to be champions, they make thousands of sacrifices and they have the right to call for equal treatment by the industry. The above claims are as true as truth is.

The objective status review of bodybuilding will certainly reveal, as discussed above, that there is gender discrimination inserted right in the heart of the industry and the brunt of it is borne by women bodybuilders and perpetrated by the males. That is the truth. Simple.

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