Bodybuilding for women has achieved its peak around 1970-1980.Many thought that such body building exercises would deteriorate the shape and structure and the muscles are tightened to give a hulk look. However, this misconception later turned out to be false and many women came forward for both professional and personal body building exercises. Many women started understanding that bodybuilding would offer great posture, healthy tissues, firmer body, and tough bones especially when bone loses its weight at elderly age due to pore formation. Not only female bodybuilding has gained importance due to beauty issues but also many women entered into female body building world for health related issues too.

One has to be clear of female bodybuilding because although the exercises may be similar to that of man there are many considerations for females. Female tissues would be softer and more feminine. Both hormonal and physiological factors play a major role in female bodybuilding and hence a lot of issues have to be taken into account. Females must understand that muscle building will be definitely different from that of a man because he would be taller and stronger than females. Also biologically considering the testosterone hormone that is responsible for building muscle secretes ten times more in male body when compared to that of a female.

Guide to consider for female bodybuilding:

  • Be sure to get trained by well certified trainers. They will help you give out the best exercise for female bodybuilding. Certified trainers would be trained well in the field of female bodybuilding and hence they would be of great help along with security.
  • Bodybuilding exercises alone would do no good without a companion called diet. Diet would be the most important consideration in a bodybuilding exercise. Proper diet as instructed by your trainer should be taken without fail. As bodybuilding exercises would have been training your physic, taking proper diets would not only yield good results they would also soothe the strain.
  • One could also try out a bodybuilding exercise at home. However, this can be done only on seeing the proper bodybuilding videos or on the assistance of a female bodybuilding instructor. Do not forget to get stretch-bands, weight machines, and dumbbells. Make sure to get the proper position of each weight in the lifting exercise. If done wrongly this may lead to injuries. Be sure to be careful. First view the video and then follow it.
  • First do the exercise in light music and then have a fast beat if you are doing the exercises at home. Fast beats at the starting stage itself would deviate your attention from the video and you may misinterpret the steps.
  • Take food rich in carbohydrates and lean protein. Mostly have fruits and a lot of leafy vegetables to have the stamina. Instead of having three meals, try to break the schedule and have 6 meals a day in small quantity.

Common Errors women do:

  • One must understand that only when maximum force is applied progressively the muscle grows. One should not apply immediately over weight and this would take no effect. So add progressive weight to your sessions and then review the muscle growth.
  • Make sure that compound exercises are involved in your training session and that you do not focus only on a single region or joint. Be sure that the exercises you do involves all your muscles and joint. Only if your exercises activates multi-joint it would be of use.
  • Do not imagine building muscle immediately on the first day. Have patience and schedule the work as per expert’s advice. Only then, there will be proper health maintenance along with muscle building.
  • Trying out a program and imagining that it did not give you any evaluation and then jumping to another exercise would be totally flat. You will gain nothing. Give time to the program to take effect in your physic. After that go to the next exercise

Understand the biology of female bodybuilding and the truth of it. Get the confidence that you can build a great body that gives you a firm figure too. Perceive that this would help to maintain your health and keep your skin tight when you get old. Make sure that you follow all instruction of diet and exercises order carefully. Do not be sluggish to skip the exercise for Sundays. Be regular in doing them. You will build a great body.

Source by Ilango Chokalingam