Life is like Game Of Thrones – shocking, stunning, surprising, beautiful, deceiving, luring, exciting, unpredictable, brazen, illicit, intriguing and tempting. Irrespective of all the manipulation and high-class fundas one follows, nothing really counts. What’s important is how well one manoeuvres their way through all the stages of life.

From being an unabashed or a timid teenager, care-a-damn 20 something to a sensible adult; the journey of life is more like a climb to the Mount Everest, the destination is the same but every story is different.

While 20s gives all the courage to challenge situations, do the unimaginable, get away with (almost) anything and emerge as warriors; 40s gives a more mature outlook towards life and the feel of a monk. From I, me, myself, my gang to family, security, financial freedom and stability is how the cycle of life evolves.

Nonetheless, 20s are like the stepping stone, a citadel of highs and lows, sane and insane, real and fakes; they aren’t preachy but teach a great deal of things. As opposed to 40s, where the colours of life start wearing off, the magic of youth fades away and an invisible radar takes over.

Here is when, individuals can redefine life by handpicking gems, experiences, and perspectives from 20s and simply implement them in their 40s.

1. Satiating The Curiosity

In the mid-life stage, plans have either come true or are on their way. And even if they haven’t, there is a firm plan B. In a way, life is pretty much in order. Unlike unruly 20s, when nothing is complete without first hand experience.

Curiosity is the keyword and all great stories start with it. In spite of the immaculate life state, one should not let go of the curious streak, instead should stay inspired to add more stories in this chapter of life. As they say, life is still coming together.

2. A Bucketful Of Enthusiasm

What new? What more? Where to? Why not? Are phrases common during 20s but rarely heard in 40s. And those, who say it anyways come with a list of ifs and buts. The raw energy, the unapologetic enthusiasm, the wide eyes is all that is needed to further the horizons of self-awareness and achieve the unexpected.

3. Wild Adventurous Heart

An adventurous streak, the will to brave all tides, the kick and faith to overcome maddening situations, the go-getter spirit come handy and it is worth it! Life never throws blind shots, there is always a plan. 20s plunged at it, but 40s like to keep it all disciplined. The underlying urge to control never goes away and that leads to mundane. So, when it comes to something unexpected, there exists doubts. Let that feeling go, let the little Peter Pan inside come alive.

4. Be The Uninhibited Self Explorer

Back in 20s, there was nothing called inhibition or even close to it, so why drift away from that awesome feeling now when you need it the most? Adopting and nourishing that uninhibited self is not an easy task in a society that has set certain demands and expectations. Great to be in 40s but awesome to think and feel like 20s!

5. Exchange Bewilderment For Monotony

For all that life has already thrusted upon, the least one can do is steal a few guiltless momens. Embrace the term impromptu, find a place for the mind to unclutter, just go on an unplanned vacation, learn not to look at self from the eyes of others. Be the 20s self which had innumerable embarrassing moments ‘recklessly’ shared by friends. Guilt, shame are just some words!

6. Use Imagination To Get Inspired

The doodles on the notepads, the biscuit cakes, the cardboard phone speakers, and the never thought before recipes were all creations of your imagination. Find that innovator inside, pump him up! Amuse others (or even yourself) with your creative thinking and inventive ways. There is a whole imaginary world inside everyone, why alienate it?

7. Know & Believe In ImPossible

Wild chaser of dreams, firm believer of capabilities, and the free spirit to take risk were more of a daily routine in 20s. Whereas, as age catches on, weighing (superficially as well as literally :P) comes naturally, to think all pros and cons becomes a part of planning, be it anything. Limiting self inside a comfortable cocoon zone is easy and driving away from it is a mammoth task.

8. No Room For Procrastination

Impulse is much better than procrastination. The latter brings boredom and the former brings adrenaline rush.  At 20s the whole life is ahead, but in 40s not much is left, practically speaking if not now then when?? Choose which is worth living with and living for.

Nothing lasts forever! 

Your life is just a reflection of your personality, shape it the way you want, even if it calls for going a tad bit crazy for your ‘age’, don’t bother,  after all age is just a number! So, live once and live full throttle!