It’s fascinating to see how food connoisseurs artistically use chopsticks while eating sushi or dumplings; and while you are struggling with your fork and knife. Using chopsticks is like art, and people who are a pro look all classy and intellect. In fact, scientifically it is believed that people who know how to eat using chopsticks are smart. Recently, a Twitter user made a startling discovery about the wooden block or tab at the end.

While some of you might know the purpose behind it, but looks like for many Twitter users, it was an enlightening revelation. And many even agreed to have been using it all wrong! The user mentioned she found the useful hack on Behance.

For those who know, good for you, and those who didn’t (like me), here’s the real purpose!

So, basically, you are not supposed to separate the chopsticks by breaking off the wooden block. That wooden block is the resting table for your chopsticks when you are not eating.

So next time you go Sushi dining, remember this.