Intelligence is a gift for humanity, but sometimes it is a curse for the ones who are bestowed with this superpower. It is not always easy or feasible to be a smart person; as much as it is appreciated being an intelligent person but display of intelligence at the wrong place with the wrong people often gets one into trouble.

Simply speaking, they may say that smart people have it all easy in their lives but the underlying truth is that, smart people have daily struggles that no one but another intelligent being is aware of.

Here are 8 struggles that smart people face throughout their lives:

#1. Difficulty In Finding Someone To Have A Decent Conversation With.

#2. Though Fashionable But Not Fashion Conscious.

#3. Failure To Understand Gossip, Even If It’s About Them.

#4. Tired Of Answering To The Rhetorical Question, “How Did You Come Up With That!”.

#5. Difficulty In Explaining New Ideas As So Many Things Goes Inside Head At A Time.

#6. Their Honesty Is Seen As Sarcasm.

#7. Their Sense Of Music And Party Is Always Under Question.

#8 And, So Is Their Love Life.

It all can be sum up in one word, BAZINGA.

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