Weight loss encouragement is something that everyone needs during difficult times on their journey towards a slimmer and healthy body. It’s so easy to become discouraged and to give up just before a great weight loss victory.

Here are 6 of my favourite encouragements to help keep on the weight loss track:

Encourage Tip # 1

Do not give up too quickly. The weight loss process gets better as you go! If you have been overweight and inactive for a long time, everything you do may seem difficult especially exercise. Be encouraged, it will not be long before you will even look forward to exercising.

Encourage Tip # 2

Do not get in a hurry. Healthy and lasting weight loss takes time. Keep in mind that for each day you exercise and eat properly, you have made progress. You may not be able to see it immediately, but you will clearly see the results as time goes on.

Encourage Tip # 3

If your exercise routine looks difficult, be glad. The whole idea behind the exercise is that you push your body to do a little more than it’s comfortable with and it responds by making you more physically fit. And as you become stronger, the exercises will become easier and more pleasurable. Be encouraged, it will get better!

Encourage Tip # 4

Try this. After you have lost your first (or next) 10 pounds, buy a 10-pound container of shortening. Carry that fat around for a whole day and see how happy you get when you realize that you do not have do not have to carry that weight around on your body anymore.

Encourage Tip # 5

Daily record the positive changes in the way you feel and move. After a month or so of eating and exercising right, you can look back at the way you were at the beginning, and be encouraged by how much you have improved.

Encourage Tip # 6

Take a look at this list of benefits you will receive from exercising regularly:

  • You will feel better and have more energy
  • You are less likely to develop all kinds of diseases
  • You will sleep better
  • Your life seems better, so you will be in a better mood
  • Your skin will look better
  • You will not get sick near as often as before
  • You will have less fat to carry around
  • Your muscles will be more toned
  • You will look and feel better
  • You will be healthier

Here … I will even throw in this bonus built-in weight loss encouragement. Your progress, in itself, will encourage you to keep going. So stick in there and never, never, never give up! You will reach your weight loss goals.

I hope you enjoyed these weight loss encouragement tips.

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