I love to make breakfast smoothie recipes for weight loss because not only is having a healthy breakfast important for the day but making it fresh fruit and greens is an effective and healthy way to get all the vital nutrients you need to start your day and your metabolism! But there are some things you need to take into consideration when making these delicious treasures, and that’s the quality of the ingredients and the power of the blender you are going to be using. Also, keep in mind that the quality of the water or juice you use can greatly affect the taste and health of your smoothie too!

Now the first thing to making sure you have the healthiest weight loss breakfast smoothie is to use only organic ingredients so that you can avoid putting nasty toxins and other chemicals into your food. Organic produce also happens to be much tastier and more sense in terms of nutrients per volume, so you are more likely to get the extra fiber and nutrients you need to help keep your body burning fat longer and more effectively. They also can be purchased affordably by using frozen produce which is often available year-round compared to fresh seasonal produce.

Now another important factor to consider is the blender itself, and I like to use high powered blenders made by Blendtec or Vitamix brands. This is because they provide the highest horsepower motors for there blenders which mean the produce gets chopped up a lot better, which makes for a more consistent smoothie. This is not only important for taste, but also for health too because by emulsifying the ingredients you make them more “bioavailable” or easier to digest so that your digestive system will absorb more of the nutrients!

A great starter recipe is a strawberry banana weight loss smoothie. The basic recipe is:
-2 cups filtered water
-3-4 fresh strawberries
-1 whole banana in frozen chunks
-1 cup of non-fat organic Greek yogurt
-1 tsp of organic ground Stevia for a safe and natural 0 calorie sweetener

Then all you have to do is toss your water into the blender first, then add in your Greek yogurt next. Follow that up with the fresh strawberries and then finally add in your frozen banana chunks and sweetener. Then all you have to do is blend until you get your desired consistency and enjoy!

Featured Image: Trip Advisor

Source by Bob Hendrickson