In order for your body to be healthy, you should find the perfect balance between food an exercise. If you enjoy eating more and do not want to give that up, you should compensate with more exercises. If you do not eat that much, than you can ease off on the exercising program. How can you find the balance between food and exercise? You can ask a nutritionist for help or you can figure out what you need to do by yourself. Figuring it out by yourself can be a little bit more challenging.

Nutritionists can provide you with a chart that has all the information you will need about what exercises to do and how long you should do them for if you eat an extra chocolate bar for example. Nutritionists are qualified professionals that can help you out a lot with finding the right combination of food and exercise. You need to prepare yourself mentally for that fact that if you are going to eat more, you will need to be doing more exercises (or be more active) if you want to stay healthy and in good shape. There is nothing that says “I’m healthy” better than maintaining your weight within the normal limits (a little over or under is also healthy). There is one problem with calculating your calorie intake with a nutritionist. And the problem has to do with your metabolism. If you see that despite all your calculations something is off, you should try a different procedure.

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Source by Scotty Campbell