What are the key elements in the fundamentals of fitness and exercise?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the essential basics that are necessary for successful fitness and exercise goal attainment.

The first important step to achieving life-long success to anything in life is indeed a lifelong commitment.

If a healthy body is what you desire then you must commit to proper fitness and exercise habits for as long as you want to have this healthy body.

The decision to plan a physical fitness program is not an easy one. However, the results you’ll achieve by sticking to it is far greater than just sitting down and not doing anything at all. The easy way is never the best in the long term. So many people stay in their “comfort zones”, so to speak and never break through and discover how healthy and happy they can truly be by just ending the laziness and making a lifelong commitment to their fitness goals.

You have to get a true realization of the benefits of fitness and also the risks of lack of fitness or else you will not succeed.

Patience is of the essence. The worst thing you can do is doing too much too soon. Start gradually then increase as you go along and become stronger.


Physical fitness and exercise in humans can be seen in the same way as fine-tuning a car’s engine. By exercising we are reaching our fullest potential.

Fitness and exercise help us look, feel and do our best in everyday situations.

It is defined as the ability to perform everyday tasks more vigorously and alertly. It allows for proper oxygen and blood-flow through the body-A key component to great health, good skin, and long life.

Physical fitness greatly involves the heart, lungs and the muscles of the body. Our bodies work synergistically with minds so to a large degree fitness effects mental alertness and emotional stability.Through exercise and fitness, we allow nature to release endorphins that are responsible for happiness, less stress, anxiety and so much more positive mental functions.

Most people that exercise regularly and are in great shape are mostly happy people. A much greater percentage of people that are in great shape are happier than people that are in bad shape.


The main essential key to maintaining and controlling weight is by keeping energy intake (food) and energy output (exercise) in good balance.If you consume more calories than your body needs, you will put on excess fat. In contrast, if you expend more energy than your body takes in you will burn excess fat.

In order to lose one physical pound of fat, you must expend 3500 calories.

Since muscle weighs more than fat, it is equally important to combine weight training with aerobic activity to maintain weight loss.

If you are doing a regular exercise program of strength training, your muscles will also increase in weight and possibly your overall weight will increase also there before it is not always wise to follow the advice of your truste weight-scale at home.

Your bathroom weight scale will not needlessly tell you whether or not you are fat. The body also stores an amount of water weight, so it is never really encouraging or entirely accurate to check your scale every day or even each week for that matter.

Lack of physical activity causes the muscles to get soft and in doing this, if food intake is not decreed then any added body weight is almost always fat.

This is why proper and continuous fitness and exercise is so important to maintaining healthy body weight and proper muscle tone.

So when is a great time to exercise?

There is always no right or wrong time to exercise. You can even exercise at night as long as it’s 4 hours before your usual bedtime.

It is very important that you chose a set time for working out when you know you will not be interrupted. If you are exercising in extreme heat, keep a water bottle on hand to ensure proper hydration. And having a water bottle on hand with very cold water is even more ideal as this will boost your metabolism by approximately 10% which in turn will help you churn out about 10% more calories as well.

The key to a great body is sticking to a fitness and exercise program and making it an integral part of your life and not just a tedious activity. The health benefits will always outweigh taking the sedentary lifestyle approach.

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