We all know the importance of adding a little exercise into our daily routine. Why then do seven out of every 10 of us fail to do it? I don’t know about you, but for me the answer is simple: working out is hard! I hate taking time away from the fun stuff in life to squeeze into a pair of spandex shorts and sweat in the gym for an hour.

Sure, I know working out is good for me, and I bet that you know it is good for you too, but that does not seem to be enough to get us off the couch and into the gym – or at least walking the dog. If promises of a longer (healthier life) and a smaller waistline aren’t enough to entice you to start exercising, maybe some of these fun facts – for and against exercise – will:

Fun Fact # 1: There is no need to follow an exhaustive exercise regime. Breathing will do the trick! Yes, breathing can help you lose weight. The more oxygen you take in, the higher your metabolism rate will be; the more calories you can burn, and the less hungry you will feel. Easting less and metabolizing more of the calories you do ingest are two of the greatest weight loss enticers known.

Fun Fact # 2: Playing with your children or grandchildren for just one hour can burn as many calories as walking briskly for the same amount of time. Now, which is more fun?

Fun Fact # 3: Eat just 13 packs of cookies (now admit it, that isn’t all that difficult), and you will increase by one entire dress size. Now, how long will it take you to jog that extra weight off? More than 100 hours on the treadmill! If that does not keep you away from the cookie jar, I don’t know what will.

Fun Fact # 4: Are you a soda-holic? Join the crowd. The average American adult downs 45 gallons of soft drinks every year. But did you know that that equals 21 pounds of body fat!

Fun Fact # 5: Eating spicy foods an hour or two before you work out can increase your metabolism by as much as 50% — now that is a tastier way to burn more calories.

Fun Fact # 6: Standing up straight burns more calories than slouching – just one more reason for good posture. Stand up straight. Good posture burns more calories than slouching

Fun Fact # 7: Ditch the aerobics class if you want to lose weight. Opt instead for a little home improvement. It has been proven that painting a room; shampooing a rug or doing a bit of landscaping in the yard can burn twice as many calories in an hour than a medium-intensity aerobics class can!

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