Anyone can diet to lose weight, but the key to losing faster is exercise. Exercise helps increase metabolism which helps you lose weight faster. One may think that exercise takes up too much time. The time it takes to get in a good workout is around 20-30 minutes. Anyone can make time for that. Another common misconception is that you have to join a gym, or purchase expensive equipment, in order to exercise. That is not true exercise can take place in the privacy of your own home. As for the cost, certain exercise is free. There are various types of exercise and some are very simple.

Yoga, Taabo, Pilates, they have all been done before. All are very effective tools to getting into shape, but they do not suit everyone. Jogging and walking are both forms of great exercise. Take five or ten minutes and run around the block. You can make it more interesting by attaching an iPod to your belt. A great cardio work-out is bicycling. Swimming and various sports can also be incorporated as exercise. With an activity like basketball or tennis, you can have fun as you’re working out.

Jogging and swimming are obvious forms of exercise, but what about the not so obvious. The household chores you do could be forms of exercise. For instance, if you mop or sweep you are building upper body strength. Washing the windows or cleaning the dishes builds arm muscles. Playing with your kids is always a good workout. Go outside and play catch or tag. Get involved in their lives, while losing weight. Taking your dog for a walk can also be exercise. Raking leaves, shoveling snow, or mowing your lawn can all be forms of household exercises. The simplest household chores are forms of exercise. If you already do most of these things, try adding something else. For example, rearranging the furniture or painting / sculpture.

Exercise is everywhere and for everyone. The key to good exercise is to go at your own pace. The way to give yourself a good workout is to do something you want to do. If you are unsure of how often you should exercise, consult a doctor. It is not time consuming to work out. A good workout runs from 20-30 minutes in length. Remember that expensive machines and gyms are not always needed. You can always run around the block or play with your kids for free. Simplicity is the key to great exercise.

Source by Lisa S. Kaye