On any given occasion, appearances are not really deceptive. You can tell if someone is overweight or fit. And the truth: people judge based on appearance, physical fitness has currency beyond what’s on the outside, and, perhaps most importantly, you can change your weight, for the better, for health. Join a gym, if you have not already. And exercise for abs that will look fantastic!

The most critical area of weight-loss is the stomach. That’s right, guys: losing that beer-belly matters a great deal. And ladies, a flat, tight stomach is something you can obtain with motivation and know-how. Gender distinction plays a major role in shaping the abdomen-women do not need to pack on muscle, and shedding fat and water-weight is not enough for the gents. Here are a couple of gender-specific work-out schemes that will tone those mid-sections. And yes, the plans overlap. So if you two are motivated to get in shape, there are several exercises that can be enjoyed together.

Women, because amassing muscle is not the focal point of your abdominal routine, let’s set the sets, the reps of crunches and pulse-ups for the moment. Instead, your exercise for abs should focus on your cardiovascular work-out. Jog for twenty to thirty minutes a day, four or five days a week. You will lose the extra water weight you may be carrying around. Please, do not misinterpret: stay hydrated. Drink water, often, especially in the morning; Drink water instead of soft drinks, do not consume alcoholic drinks during the week, and even mix juices with water. Another good exercise for abs is to swim for ten to twenty minutes three or four days a week. Swimming is a full body exercise, great for all parts, including abs. Finally, for only four to six continuous minutes, three to four days a week, do the crunches, the pulse-ups, the jack-knife and back extensions. These four will cover the entire of the abdomen.

Guys, if you have a girlfriend or wife and want a good exercise for abs, run and swim with your lady. You’ll be a happier couple for it. Stay hydrated, too. All the while, work your abs every other day, and really go after it those days. Here’s a list of movements to do: standing cable crunch, weight crunch, pulse-up, figure-8 crunch, side jackknife and back extension. There are plenty more to do; do the further research, you’ll reassure yourself of your commitment, your motivation to losing fat and gaining muscle.

Motivation and commitment are where getting in shape starts. I will not lie, the rest is tough, but the benefits will make you a healthier, happier, more attractive person.

Featured Image: Muscle and Fitness
Source by Jeff Farley