Breasts are sure fascinating. More so for men that for women, on who these gorgeous globes have been bestowed upon by the almighty *wink* *wink*. However, more than the aesthetically pleasing properties that these anatomical parts possess, there are many other facts about breasts that few are aware of.

So here we are, presenting to you some unknown facts about breasts that will surely blow your mind away.

1. Do you know some women can achieve orgasm solely because of nipple stimulation?


2. Smallest bra size is AAA, and the largest one is L!


3. Moms who breastfeed have lower chances of cancer and heart disease.


4. Men who are attracted to larger breasts are the one who are more secure financially.


5. Remember when you mother said that you should not sleep on flat stomach as it will flatten your breasts? Yeah, she is right.

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6. The reason men have nipples is because each and every foetus initially is a female one. Whoopsie! Bet you didn’t know that.


7. Massaging your breasts regularly prevents cancer.


8. Studies suggest that only 20% of the men look at your face, the rest 80% see your breasts first. Caught ya!


9. There is a study in bras that gives you a professional degree in China.


10. One breast is always larger than the other. And you thought it was just an illusion? Naa

Mind blown!


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Featured Image: BollywoodLife