New Delhi: Getting dressed perfectly is one of the major task for any women. From accessories, to dress to makeup and hair do, everything needs to be apt for the occasion.

However, amidst the quest to look the best every time, women often miss out on a very important part of their dressing – lingerie.

The lingerie, which is often considered as the insignificant part of dressing up, actually plays important part in boosting up the confidence of women.

Yes! It is because when you feel comfortable with your dress, you tend to feel more confident.

However, when it comes to getting a perfect bra, women often have to compromise over the fitting as they don’t get it as per their breast size. It is because every woman has a unique body.

But now you don’t have to worry about the perfect bra, as a lingerie firm has highlighted the seven breast types among women. So know your breast type and choose your bra accordingly.

Round: Round breast is equally full at the top and bottom.

East West: This kind of breasts has nipples facing outwards.

Side Set: This type of breasts has a wide space in between.

Asymmetric: Breasts that are different sizes are called ‘Asymmetric’.

Bell Shape: Breasts that slim at the top and full at the bottom falls under the category of ‘Bell Shape’.

Slender: This kind of breasts are thin with nipples pointed downwards.

Tear drop: ‘Tear drop’ breasts are round at the bottom, but less full at the top.