When you put yourself on a bodybuilding program, one thing that you’ll want to be certain to do is ensure that you are also taking the right type of protein powder to meet your needs. There are a wide variety of protein powders that have been designed to help those who are trying to build muscle and gain weight, therefore assessing each other on before you buy it will be very beneficial.
Here’s what you need to know.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is made up of about 20% total milk protein and has a very good amino acid profile. It also contains cysteine, digests rapidly and has a full variety of peptides.
When looking at whey protein, one variety in particular – whey isolate, is of slightly higher quality and will be most rapidly digesting immediately after a workout. Therefore, you’d be best served to put your isolate right after your workout and to drink the regular whey protein at any of the other times in the day when you might need it.

Casein Protein

After whey, another protein that has an even higher percentage coming from milk at 80% is casein.

Casein protein is typically the slowest digesting form of protein, making it the perfect option when you are going to be using a protein shake as a meal replacement or right before you go to bed.

Furthermore, since it is such a high concentration of milk, the calcium content is also increased, helping you meet your needs for this vital mineral.

Soy Protein

The third protein that you’ll find in local supplement stores is soy protein. There has been a lot of controversy over soy protein and whether or not it really is all that beneficial. Generally speaking, you should be okay to take it in limited quantities, but it should not be used as your main source of protein.

Vegetarians might find that this is the only type of protein that they will use since it contains no animal products, but they should still limit their intake.

Protein Blends

Protein blends will be a mixture of a few different types of protein including regular whey, isolate, egg protein, casein protein, and soy protein. These, if customized, typically run a little pricier since they will have to be specifically formulated to meet your needs.

This type of protein is a good option if you are really looking for something specific and can not find what you’re looking for with other ready-made protein powders.

Egg Protein

Lastly, we arrive at egg protein. Sick of drinking egg whites by the carton? If so, egg protein is a great option for you. It’s a high-quality source of protein that is good for those who are lactose intolerant (since they will not be an option).

Furthermore, this type of protein is typically slightly cheaper, so good for those who are watching their budgets.

So, next time you’re picking up some protein powder, be sure to consider these issues. Making the smartest selection will help you ensure you reach your goals on time.

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