Fat covering your abdominals

The workout of abs needs to be combined with a well-balanced diet to get any real results, doing this will help you remove any fat covering your abdominals. The solution to getting flat abs then is to do abdominal workouts on a regular basis combined with a good diet.

Abdominal workouts recommendation I would recommend that you aim to work up to 20 reps of the following ab workout but feel free to do more if you feel up to it. Doing as many as you can with this exercise is OK and remembers that it’s also part of, okay to feel the burn.

Here are a great beginner abdominal workouts to help get you started on the path the having the amazing abs you want. This is a good abdominal workout if you are just starting out.


A crunch exercise is when you lift you’re upper body – head, shoulders, and upper back, But your lower back stays on the floor.

The crunch has replaced the sit up as the most popular abdominal exercise. The crunch movement mostly works the upper abdomen. There are many variations of the crunch.

Lie on your back on a mat with your knees bent Feet hip width apart and drat on the floor at a comfortable distance from your rear. You may need to experiment to find a good spot for your feet, Cross your arms in front of you, with hands on your opposite shoulders.

1) For Tighten your stomach and lift your head, neck and chest up as one unit.

o Lift your shoulder blades off the floor.

o Concentrate on pulling your chest down towards your hips.

o Keep your glutes relaxed and a neutral spine position.

o Exhale as you lift up and old for a count of ten.

2) Slowly lower down to the floor while inhaling

3) Work up to one set of 20

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