Lower Abdominal Exercises

More and more people are grappling with the problem of the bulging tummy but if you actually look closer at your typical abdominal exercise you will notice that few exercises target the lower abdominal areas. A good abdominal exercise should include all the exercises in the abdomen to get that flat, washboard abs look. Try out these few exercises to trim down and tone your lower stomach.

Leg Lifts

You can do this lying on your back with your hands under your butt. Slowly lift your legs to a vertical position. With your abs tight lower your legs so that the back of your feet are few inches off the ground, then slowly return your legs to the vertical position. Do this for ten to fifteen repetitions and slowly increase as you get more comfortable.

The Crunchless Crunch

Start by lying flat on your back with your arms at the sides. Relax your muscles and breathe evenly. On an inhale pull your bellybutton towards your spell, hold for two to three seconds, and slowly let go on an exhale. Do this ten to fifteen times.

The Alternating Toe Touch

Lying flat on your back, raise both legs upward until they are perpendicular to the floor. Next, extend your right arm using your lower abdominal muscles until you can tap your left toe, and then slowly move back down. Repeat for ten to fifteen seconds.

Pelvic thrusts

Start by lying flat on your back, with your arms at the side. Slowly move your feet towards your hips so that your knees are bent and forming a triangle with the floor. Slowly lift your pelvis upward as you exhale, hold for five seconds, then lower back down as you inhale. Do this ten to fifteen times each set; with a 90-second break in between sets.

The Sit-up Hold

While lying, move your legs up so that both your feet are firmly flat on the floor. Place your hands on each side of your head (never behind your head!) And and tight abs lift your shoulders off the floor. Hold that position for ten seconds, and then slowly lower your body down.

Chair leg lifts

You can do this in your office during your break, apart from doing this at home or at the gym. Start by standing straight with your back flat against the back of a chair. Slowly raise your legs so that your knees can touch your chest, hold for five seconds, then slowly lower back down, putting your feet firmly back on the floor.

Doing these exercises regularly at your own pace, coupled with the right diet, can get you on your way to having the lean and flat abdomen that you always wanted to have. Remember that all it takes is a little determination and hard work to get fit and healthy, so hang in there and enjoy your work-out!

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