I will teach you to keep the motivation to exercise in this article. If you are one of those people slacking in their work out or diet, then these tips will help you keep motivated.

You probably got motivated to exercise from a movie you saw with a buff guy, or a picture you saw, or video, or whatever. The main thing that will help you keep the motivation to exercise is looking at what got you motivated in the first place. I mean some people will not get the feeling they first did, so these tips will get that feeling back.

Exercise With a Friend

Stats show that people who exercise with a friend are more likely to keep exercising, this tip is very helpful! Call up one of your buddies and set a work out schedule, it is more than likely that you will keep it. Just motivate each other when one of the two does not want to go. Remember if you miss one day it is not hard to miss the next.

Reasons to Exercise

Write down a list of the reasons on why you have to exercise. Hang this up somewhere you can see it all the time. The list should go something like:

More energy
Fit body
Get more girls
Able to play with children more

This is a very helpful tip as well, this list you write can most definitely keep your motivation to exercise.

Have Fun

Do not torture yourself with 3-hour workouts and things like that. Stay within your limit! I personally enjoy going to the gym and taking a run around the neighbourhood. Do not think of exercise as a bad thing! If you want that six-pack or weight loss then learn to enjoy exercising!

Morning Exercise

Go to the gym or take a run first thing when you wake up. If you want to keep the motivation to exercise, think about the benefits of it. Exercising in the morning is a really good way to start your day. It wakes you up in the morning and reminds you what is important!

Feeling After

For me the feeling you get after exercise is amazing, I mean it is high.

That is my motivation to exercise for next time!

Your Look

Imagine how you are going to look after a couple months. A slimmer, buffer you (for men) should give you huge motivation to exercise, I mean that is why you are exercising in the first place.

Success Stories

Read some success stories that people write about exercise, they can be extremely motivating!

Adrenaline Rush

Everyone likes an adrenaline rush, most people get one when they work out. Let that be your motivation to exercise.

Ride out the adrenaline until the end of the workout.

Stress Relief

Had a long day? Nothing is better than exercising after it, it will get your mind off everything. And you will focus on finishing the workout.

Your Weight

If you weigh yourself weekly you will notice that your weight is going down. If you want it to keep going down continue exercising! This should be enough motivation to exercise for some people!

For anyone that is having trouble keeping to their workout schedule, these tips should help you keep the motivation to exercise. Print these out if you like!

Featured Image: fit with denise
Source by Dennis Samardjiev