This March, the bunnies of London, UK, will get their own spa at the Convent Garden. Organic beauty brand, 7th Heaven, has made this announcement recently that they are opening a pop-up bunny spa where humans will get free massage and facial by a team of trained therapists and cute bunnies from Greenwich Rabbit Rescue will cheer up the place with their presence.

7th Heaven is a brand that is Cruelty Free International and Vegetarian Standard Approved and is opening up this Bunny Spa to show that they are passionate about animals and their well-being.

This spa will open at the Shelton Street and, apart from receiving free massage and facial, customers will also get free healthy snacks and drinks to detox. However, the best part of this beauty session will be the presence of the bunnies that will be making sure that their cuteness, fluffiness, and adorable faces make your spa trip absolutely amazing.


Talking to Metro UK 7th Heaven spokesperson, Steven Van Hemmen, stated to this spa is not just for the human customers and that, “The rabbits will be pampered, too, with plenty of food, a huge run to explore, with plenty of human interaction, which they love.’’

This pop-up bunny spa will be open from 12th March to 14th March and the services will be on first come first serve basis.

Story Inputs: Metro UK