We all have bad days, right? But this extremely handsome French bulldog is one big exception out there. Meet Instagram cutie, Stinky Linky who is having a gala time with his daddy, Sean Sarantos. This tiny dog has way more swag than us, chills like a boss, sleeps adorably, and basically enjoys every bit of a swanky lifestyle. What’s more? His videos have already been viewed some 28 million times on Facebook! If this isn’t making much of a difference to you all, wait to till you watch all his photographs.

Set for the weekend!

Paww-ing up!

Now that’s called a date!

Sleeping happens to be my favourite hobby.


Oh, I can peekaboo!

Never mind daddy, that’s how I play.

Isn’t this for me?

Let me play, I will behave, I promise.

I love you too daddy!

*Hands down*

All images courtesy: Instagram