Baahubali has redefined the basic visual grammar in the Indian cinematic landscape of the film industry. Even the previous part of the film Baahubali: The Beginning backed several awards, for its advance and perfectly implanted Visual Effects (VFX) that landed the Best Special Effects National Award for the film.


Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is a king sized sequel, which is designed to ensure a blockbuster hit. It definitely follows the standards of its last part by maintaining VFX and special effects in the movie. Rather the second part is gaining more praise and stars for using better and bigger special effects for battle sequences. Despite the long 2.47 hour long story, you will be involved in the exquisite beauty of the directorial and pictography of the film, whose effects look effortless and unique.

VFX Designer

The first part of the movie was directed by VFX designer V Srinivas Mohan who is amongst the most well known and most talented special effect editor in the country. However he was replaced in the second part by Kamalakannan, who is a National Award winning designer known for his work in ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Eega’.

It is pretty evident that the battle and war scenes are more intense than the prior part, which includes grander action sequences that demand more visual effects. Even the Star villain of the movie Rana Daggubati, was excited about these special effects throughout the shooting of the movie.

The big budget masterpiece is rarity in Indian cinema, due to its grandeur and VFX. More than 15 VFX companies collaborated to add the effortless essence of extraordinary effects in the film. Makuta however, had the thickest skin with the best and most advance ideas.

VFX Designer behind Baahubali

Pete Draper, Makuta’s co-founder revealed that they have contributed over 145,000 unedited frames, which contribute to almost 100 minutes in the film.

Before and after VFX shots from Baahubali: The Beginning. (Photo courtesy: YouTube)

Before and after VFX shots from Baahubali: The Beginning. (Photo courtesy: YouTube)

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