If we own swanky gadgets, we sort of assume that we know great deal about them, like techno wizards! It’s like no one knows our personal devices better than us. There are these pseudo maintenance tricks; some were read, some were passed on by loyal friends and some came from the manual.

Since none of us have really bothered to double-check on these so-called accurate beliefs (we’d like to call it myths though), we assume these are ‘the ultimate tips’.

We are on a technology myths decoding mission. Check these out.

Myth # 1: Mac Is Immortal To Virus Attacks

Busted: Who can forget the “I Am Mac” ad? Mac computers are NOT born with a natural shield against viruses. Factually, in 2012, several Mac computers had to deal with a massive virus invasion. And that is when Apple was quick and smart to change the marketing plan.

Myth # 2: Going All Incognito? NOT

Busted: We all are secretly in love with the ‘Incognito window’ (and we don’t wanna get into the details here). But is a total blooper. May be people won’t get to see what you have been up to but the sites that you visited won’t really keep your identity as a secret. What’s the fun?

Myth # 3: More Bars = Strongest Network Ever

Busted: Peeps, the bars just indicate the distance between you and the closest cell tower. Period! Even if you are standing right next to the tower and there are too many people using the network, even the strong bars won’t help you get a clear cell service. Now beat that!

tech myths

Myth # 4: Don’t Leave Your Smartphones Plugged In

Busted: It aint no sin to leave your smartphones plugged in. Coz the modern-day batteries which run on lithium-ion stop charging once the capacity is full.

Myth # 5: Don’t Use The iPad Charger To Charge Your iPhone

Busted: We know Apple gadgets are treated like bubble-wrapped babies but hey wait, you can surely swap your chargers.

Myth # 6: You Needn’t Shut Down Your Computer Everyday

Busted: You absolutely need to! Doing so reduces the stress on the components, hence preserving the shelf life for a longer time.

Myth # 7: Don’t Plug In The Charger Unless The Battery Is Totally Exhausted

Busted: Why should you wait till your battery is dead? If you wait that long, you are unknowingly diminishing the battery life. The logic here is that your phone has already gobbled up most of its charge cycles.

Myth # 8: More Megapixels Means The Camera Must Be Good Too

Busted: Not necessarily, because the image quality depends on how much light the sensor can absorb. It has got nothing to do with your camera’s quality.

Phone pixels

Myth # 9: If You Hold A Magnet Near Your Computer It Can Actually Delete All Your Data

Busted: This one is probably the most common and frustrating one. Maybe a really big magnet can be a threat to the data in your computer’s hard drive. Rest all good!

Apart from these, there are endless technology myths that one hears almost on a daily basis, but before following any of it just be sure that your device is safe at the end of the day.

Cover Image Source: Business Insider