Online shopping nowadays has become more of a necessity than a leisurely act of boredom. In the presence of one-day deliveries, can you imagine that there existed a time when everything was brought mostly without discounts, and with the physical presence of the buyer and seller? Not a very old thought, but yeah, seems ancient now, given we are so accustomed to the system of e-commerce now.

For a very long time, Pizza Hut has been claiming to be the first one to be successful in delivering an order placed online.

There were even reports of weed and groceries being sold online somewhere during the 80s. But, let’s face it, those are not proper online transactions of placing an order from one part of the country to another, complete with all the charges.

We dug up further, and found out that the first ever actual and concrete online transaction took place on August 11, 1994. The credit goes to the then 21-year-old ambitious entrepreneur, Dan Kohn, who was the owner of a New Hampshire-based website NetMarket.

Sounds cool, eh?

On the fateful day of August 11, 1994, Dan sold a CD on his website. The CD was the album Ten Summoner’s Tale, and was purchased by Dan’s friend who lived in Philadelphia.

The guy spent $12.48 to purchase the CD, and did so not by simple online transfer, but by a full-fledged transaction that was encrypted, the world’s first ever online transaction.

Whoa! Now that’s one important bit that we came to know, isn’t it? Go, boast your newfound knowledge. *winks*


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h/t: Fastcompany

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