For most people, who have travelled by Indian Railways, the idea of a toilet is not very pleasant, often messy, stinky and filthy. Vacuum toilets are here to change that notion completely for those who love train journeys as well those who prefer a flight over sanitation issues. In the Union Budget of 2015, Union Rail Minister, Suresh Prabhu had first mentioned of this technological advancement to be incorporated by Indian Railways. On September 14, 2015, the first trial launch was executed in Dibrugarh Rajdhani.

Know about the speciality of vacuum toilets in Indian Railways in simple terms.

The most basic as well as vital difference in a regular toilet and a vacuum toilet is the suction system which means, minimal amount of water is used to remove urine and faeces. In simple terms, water which is used in regular flush toilets will be now replaced by air in vacuum toilets. Since air will be used instead of water, it will decrease the odour and also prevent the bacteria from cocooning inside the toilet.

With this innovative technological inclusion, people may now look forward to a waterless, odourless and hygienic sanitation in Indian Railways.

Cover Image Source: Ministry of Railways – India Facebook