What’s the common link between the deep echoing voice in Mahabharata saying “mai samay hu” and Pink Floyd’s Time? Time, right? Both of these tell us the true essence of time, metaphorically though. But, if we were to tell you that there is indeed one person, a real person who is all of this, tells us time, even refers to Dr. Who and makes sure time is right on schedule. Yes, that’s true.

There is one man who monitors every nanosecond and is officially responsible for standardizing time for the entire nation.

Today, if we are able to check time anywhere, it’s because of him. Though he feels compulsive wearing a watch and prefers to stay without one, but he sure knows how to keep schedule time for everyone else.

Meet Dr. Judah Levine who works at the Time and Frequency Division of National Institute of Standards and Technology; and his job is to ensure that the tick-tock never ends for the country and its civilians.

Nicknamed nation’s Time Lord, Dr. Levine wrote a software and helped National Institute of Standards and Technology develop a cutting edge computer system to accurately disseminate and present time.

Around 45 years ago, Dr. Levine and a team of scientists created a system of atomic clock that tracks time more accurately than ever before. This system links everything, be it smartphones, financial markets and power grids. And if the system stops working, everything comes down.

Here’s a video of Dr. Levine talking about why he doesn’t wear a watch and what is the real stuff that goes into monitoring time in the most accurate manner ever.

Video courtesy: Great Big Story