Pictures are a great way to etch a memorable moment of life, and various photo sharing social platforms allows one to share these precious moments with near and dear ones. The smartphone movement has all the more made it a practice to click pictures of anything and everything. These days not a single unique moment goes by without somebody clicking it; be it travel, food, meeting friends, spending time with family all occasions calls for a clicking.

In fact, food photography has come up as a growing trends, thanks to the smartphones, and everyone at some or the other point of time has clicked what they were about to savour. Yet, getting a perfect shot of a dish that also captures a bit of a taste is not an easy task. Mostly, the amateurs end up feeling disappointed by seeing their own clicks of the food that they relished. But, there are few tips that can actually make the food look great.

So, here are the 8 food photography tips to click great pics using your smartphone.

#1. The Light:

Lighting is a key factor for getting any photo clicked and when it comes to food its natural charm should not be killed with over exposed harsh lighting. To avoid that first turn off the smartphone camera flash and look for some natural soft lighting. Direct overhead lightbulbs and direct sunlight will do no good to your pics, so find a place next to some window to get that perfect soft lighting. If you are outdoors with your plate then look for some shade to click that pic.

#2. Stand Up Shots:

To get a good food shot, you have to be little greedy and a bit shameless. When, it comes to presenting the real beauty of a dish, the overhead shot always works best. This angle cuts out the distracting background and makes any dish look complete. The smartphone cameras usually have wide-angle lenses thus overhead food shots always comes out best.

#3. Focus Is The Key:

If you wish to take a close up shot then use focus feature of the smartphone camera. This amazing feature helps to blur out rest of the object and capture perfect shot of the dish. Also, while taking such a close up shot your hands have to be pretty still and not shaky at all. Well, who said food photography is sweet or easy!!

Food Photography Tips

#4. Utilize Props:

Plain tablecloths of restaurants, cutleries make great props in food photography and also kill the monotony of any shot. Other props also include salt and paper shakers, and other objects that are often kept on the restaurant tables. But, the trick here is to include the props judiciously so that the highlight of the pic remains the food and nothing else.

#5. Avoid Bright Backgrounds:

The colour of the dish and the background should not be conflicting but rather complimenting. Avoid bright backgrounds that might take away the attraction from the dish. Remember, the food is the subject and not everything else that falls within the frame of your picture.

#6. Two To Three Is Perfect:

If the dish contains many pieces of same food then try clicking a set of two to three with a bit of creativity of your own. More pieces makes up for a cluttered photo, so rather than trying to capture every single piece on the plate go for lesser number and compose a better shot.

#7. Composing A Shot:

The wide-angle lenses of the smartphone camera offers ample place to capture multiple peripheral things, but for a good food shot try avoiding everything that is distracting. Leave empty places on the frame that still looks better than getting obscure objects in it.

#8. Use Smartphone Editing Apps:

Do not only rely on the basic editing tools on your smartphones or, for that matter, Instagram to enhance the image quality or clarity, rather go for some appropriate apps available on app stores to do the minimal editing. While editing be cautious to avoid overdoing any food image as that makes the dish look fake or artificial.

Food can look great on pics or can look disastrous, it all depends on the way you have click. So, apply these tips to make your food look fabulous.