Haryana city Gurgaon has a new name now, ‘Gurugram’. The government of Haryana took the decision today and in the official statement released by them said that the decision was taken on the basis of representations received from the different forum.

The official spokesperson said that Gurgaon has been the land of learning since time immemorial. Said the spokesperson,

Haryana is the historic land of Bhagwad Gita and Guragon has always been a centre of learning. It was referred to as Gurgaon since the times of Guru Dronacharya. It has been a really long time since people demanded the name change from Gurgaon to Gurugraam.

Not only is Gurgaon’s name changed but Mewat, a district in Haryana, will be now called ‘Nuh’. The spokesperson said that people of the area and elected representatives suggested the name change.

As soon as the news broke, many took to Twitter to express their feelings. Many did not particularly like the idea of calling the development hub Gurugraam and came up with hilarious tweets. Here are a few of them to tickle your funny bones.