The chest can be one of the most attractive organs in a man’s body. In a survey of women, over 80% of them stated that a man’s chest is one of the things which can make or break his sex appeal. A firm and flat chest with well developed pectoral muscles is the goal of many men, especially those who suffer from excessive chest fat. Over 30% of the entire male population suffer have too much chest fat which makes their chest looks rounded and puffy. This can gravely hurt a man’s sex life.

2 of the mainstream options to burn chest fat are chest fat reduction surgery and chest burning pills, but you can also reduce the amount of chest fat you have by performing spot-on focused chest strength exercises. But which of these exercises should you invest the most of your time in? Which is the best chest fat losing weight exercise?

If you’re wondering how to lose chest fat, this list of chest exercises in order of effectiveness can come in handy:

1. Push Ups – The classic push-up exercise is a great way to reduce chest fat. It may not bulk you up like a gym workout, but it gets the chest flatter and firmer. Make sure to alternate between straight push-ups, push-ups with elevated feet, and elevated hands push-ups to get a full chest workout.

2. Dumbell chest press – The chest press is an excellent routine, though men with excessive chest fat need to make sure that they don’t bulk up because your initial goal is to reduce fat and not to build muscle which will sit on top of that fat. Do sets with many repetitions (15-20) and make sure to work with a straight, decline and incline angles.

3. Barbell chest press – The barbell chest press is similar to the dumbell chest press but I find it to be slightly less effective than with the dumbells. However, it is also an excellent exercise for losing chest fat.

4. The chest flies – The chest flies routine works the chest muscles differently than the chest press and push-up as it involves a crossover motion. Even though by itself it’s not as effective at burning chest fat as the others, I still recommend doing it as it completes the chest workout.

All of these chest exercises are great, and you should incorporate all of them into your routine. The push up is the most effective while the flies in the least.

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Source by John Drummond