What are the chances of an extremely kickass surprise when you dial Uber for a ride? A chauffeur driven limousine? Tesla’s Model 3? No wait, that’s unrealistic! But, maybe a swanky Ferrari? How about Batman in is badass Batmobile? Yessire, this actually happened!

Passengers who dialled Uber for a ride were in real greeted by a man dressed as Batman in his mean machine. When Batman pulled over, passengers were completely zapped. So much so, that one customer ended up asking, “Is this for real?” Some went on a selfie mode with this pseudo Gotham daddy. Some got real curious if the Batmobile was loaded with guns and all. But overall, these passengers got one helluva treat!

The Batman here is actually Youtube star Josh Paler Lin who pulled off this Batman Lamborghini Uber prank. He shared this crazy hell of a video on his Facebook page as well as his Youtube channel and it looks pretty awesome!

Video Courtesy: JoshPalerLin

Good one Batman!